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The online poker rooms use what is known as a Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) software program to randomly 'shuffle' the cards and deal them to each player. The pokersites use hardware entropy and advanced mathematical formulations to arrive at what would normally appear to be a random deck. The use of PRNG or RNG (as it is sometimes called) is necessary since a computer program can not actually randomly deal out cards.
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My name is George Misencik and I started playing poker online about 2 years ago. I have read several books and done some online training as well. I have learned quite abit and have had some minor success just keeping above water as far as my bankroll goes. But I was continuously losing with big hands to much inferior hands. A friend told me about The Online Poker Code Crack and I Google it. I purchased the online poker code on Oct 16th. I read it over and I could see that there definitely something to what I was reading. Last week I was invited to an online training session and observed as Jon played a MTT and explained what he was doing during the tournament. After the session I decided to focus on the system and use the material I had learned. Well, I would like to report that I have had some of the best results I can remember and I played a $10+$1 MTT with over 500 participants, I finished in 1st place. I just want to say I am a believer in the Online Poker Code
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I have to say, it is awesome info. What I really like about it is that you don't flood the information with your life story. You get right to what we need to know. That gives me confidence that I did the right thing in purchasing this.
I only play on PokerStars

Lori H.

Thank you for sharing this with the poker world! I have struggled in low limits for 3 years now, and finally I can see what was wrong. The pokersites be damned for those Poker Algoritms that make us lose! I am, glad you have published the truth and thank you for helping me become a profitable player.

Jesse (I play Online poker at Party Poker)

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